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The Wu-Tang Clan's Live at Montreux DVD

There’s a spot in Orange County called Foxfire that's known as a place to pick up cougars. We’re not saying that we’ve been there (and we're not saying we haven't), but watching women of a certain age trying to lure in guys that should be tutoring their kids for the SATs is as uncomfortable as you'd expect. It's kind of the same feeling you get while watching Wu-Tang’s recently released Live at Montreux DVD. Everyone on stage seems either too old or too worried about their stock portfolio ("You got to know how to jack this shit. You got to play this game rough. In, out, get, grab, baong!") to really get hyped, and it shows. That is, except Method Man. That dude’s spritely for his age. Anyway, unless you’re a diehard Wu completist, we’d recommend that you buy the last season of The Wire instead to get your Meth fix. It's now available on DVD.

The Wu-Tang Clan's Live at Montreux DVD