Video - DJ Sara And DJ Ryusei

I'm not sure if this technically consists as news, but considering these kids - 9 and 6 years old respectively - are the 6th most subscribed musicians in Japan on YouTube, it's impressive nonetheless.

In fact, I wish I had more to tell you about them other than what is on Sara's YouTube page, but all of their contact leads back to Stokyo Music, a "Corporation dedicated to the distribution of the World's finest in Scratch and battle records and artists." MySpace was a bit more informative:

"DJ Sara (9 yrs old) and DJ Ryusei (6 yrs old) are brother and sister scratch DJs from Osaka Japan. They started DJing on their father's setup at the age of 3. They quickly became an internet phenomenon with over 1.5 million views on YouTube and thousands of postings on blogs all over the world. They had their US Debut at the Warner Music Group Grammy After-party on February 10, 2008. They continue to practice everyday at home in Osaka Japan, and they just keep getting better and better! Welcome to the future of scratch..."

Here is the footage from the aforementioned afterparty as well as a two more (last one is a freestyle) from their YouTube page where there are a bunch more. Enjoy.

DJ Sara And DJ Ryusei

Video - DJ Sara And DJ Ryusei