Video - No Age "Eraser" (From Late Late Night With Craig Ferguson)

Everyone had been saying (cough* blogging) that we should all be on the look out for No Age's controversial performance on Late Late Night With Craig Ferguson on Oct. 27th. But then It ran last night, so now what do we look forward to?

Thanks to the tip off from Brandon, we were made aware of the performance and subsequent t-shirt squabble which saw TV execs force No Age's Randy Randall to remove his Barack Obama t-shirt, citing antiquated FCC regulations. Reluctantly, he obliged, replacing it with a hand-made "Free Health Care" t-shirt.

It's still uncertain why it ran early, but whether it was the t-shirt incident or just a hectic schedule, the guys bolted off-stage immediately after the song, leaving no time for some chit-chat with Craig. Somewhat surprisingly however, Ferguson discusses the "young punk band" and the t-shirt incident prior to airing the performance, talking about people blogging about it and even agreeing with Randy for being "furious."

No Age

Video - No Age "Eraser" (From Late Late Night With Craig Ferguson)