Cigarettes And Smoke Machines

I threw Cigarettes and Smoke Machines on while I was doing work around the house. For some reason, I thought Tracy was Colbie Caillat, the MTV Cribs darling who seems to be just dying to have her songs attain the lofty heights of placement on One Tree Hill, or whatever teen drama is hip at the moment. To these ears, Shedd sounds very much like Suzanne Vega covering Bettie Serveert. If that's your cup of tea, pull up a chair, as the 90s homage doesn't stop there: check the neat lift of The Church that is "Not Giving Up". I'm not complaining. It's about time for Steve and the boys to have their second wind; I just wouldn't have thought that Tracy Shedd was going to be the one to usher it back in. Or that Cigarettes and Smoke Machines would be produced by Mark Robinson from Unrest and released on Teenbeat.

I feel like I'm in a time warp. This is certainly a lot lusher than I remember any of the Eggs or Unrest material being, but I guess this may be Mark keeping up with the times. If you enjoyed the early 90s releases by Matador and Teenbeat and prefer your female voices dappled in reverb, Tracy Shedd and Cigarettes and Smoke Machines could be your cup of mushroom tea.

Tracy Shedd
Teenbeat Records

Cigarettes And Smoke Machines