John Lennon An Abusive Misogynist?

While fans of the slain icon flocked to Strawberry Fields in Central Park on Thursday to celebrate what would have been Lennon's 68th birthday, news of Philip Norman's impending tell-all biography "John Lennon: The Life" and - more to the fact - the unprovoked acts of cruelty, jealous rage and perverse sexual fantasies described within, were beginning to circulate through the press.

According to a story in the NY Post (hiding our shame), the book is so damning that even Yoko Ono, who contributed extensively to the project, said the book was too critical of the Beatle. The story goes onto list a few of the instances ear marked in the book, including a sexual tryst he had at a party while Yoko was in attendance (and was audible to all of the party goers) and one of many ways John was said to control Yoko during their relationship.

"He insisted that Yoko accompany him to studio sessions - a famously big no-no to the band, who had kept their studio off limits to lovers. Everywhere he went, he insisted she follow, even to the men's bathroom. 'People said I followed him to the men's room, but he made me go with him,' Yoko told Norman."

The book, which hits stores on October 28th, is said to also highlight Lennon's abuse of his children from both marriages and even suggests the singer had incestuous fantasies about his mother Julia, who was struck and killed by a speeding off-duty cop's car when John was 17.

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John Lennon An Abusive Misogynist?