Video - Francis And The Lights "The Top"

There are a lot of CMJ showcases we're excited about here at the Tripwire, but one we've taken special notice of is the Cantora Records showcase. Aside from the fact they were the label responsible for opening up the world to MGMT and new indie darlings Violens, they have this awesome cat Francis And The Lights playing.

Performing at the Cantora showcase on Saturday, October 25th at Love with Violens and another Tripwire fave, Rumspringa (and again with MGMT on Halloween), we have been inspired to check out Francis because of this crazy video for the song "The Top" that our friend tipped us off to. Shot all in one take with a very dramatic ending, it might be too early to say he's the white Prince, but what the hell, we'll say it.

Francis And The Lights

Video - Francis And The Lights "The Top"