Get Your Limited Edition Terry Hall V-Neck Sweater

Are you a fan of The Specials like us? Or are you an obsessive freak who wants to look exactly like them?

Fred Perry has released a very limited edition Terry Hall v-neck sweater inspired by this era defining photograph of Terry from the very first edition of The Face magazine.

Made to the original specifications with a deeper V, over-sized Laurel and even made in Britain with pure British lambswool, the sweater is limited to 500 individually numbered v-necks available in classic black and maroon. That's right, only 500 will be released worldwide and the product will not be re-made or released in any additional colors. So go get yours now before it's too late for your friends to think you're cool for spending £99 to look like a guy who now looks like your grandfather.

Fred Perry
The Specials

Get Your Limited Edition Terry Hall V-Neck Sweater