No More Tracking Down Shady Promoters, GigPay Launches

Every band has their story about having to shake down a promoter for cash, or worse yet, following up on the heels of a bounced check. That's why GigPay was created.

Publicly launching tomorrow (Thursday, October 16), GigPay Ltd, a company from Slough, Berkshire in the United Kingdom is, as far as we (and Google) can see, the first company that processes payments between live performers and promoters or hosts of events, via credit and debit card. Like the name implies, GigPay, operated from, is similar in service to PayPal (in fact PayPal accounts are also accepted as part of GigPay transactions) except explicitly tailored for live events by clearing the payment before a gig and only releasing it after the the performance is finished.

We were so impressed by the simplicity and broad appeal of this idea, we felt it worth mentioning. We're also annoyed we didn't think of it first.

GigPay Ltd

No More Tracking Down Shady Promoters, GigPay Launches