The Dears Premiere "Money Babies" Video

Is this a sign of an apocalyptic meltdown after we spiral into a depression?

As premiered on MTV's Subterranean, the video for the single "Money Babies" from The Dears to-be-released-next-week Dangerbird debut Missiles can be interpreted many different ways.

Directed by Anton Josef, obviously money and class struggles seem to be the common thread with the chorus of "our money is elastic" oft repeated as a junkyard wasteland where money is burned as paper fuel and people act like animals sets the scene. In the end, one character escapes through an impenetrable border into a suburban paradise - maybe a euphemism for the fact that during these trying economic times, many Americans would like to escape across the border to the The Dears home country?

The Dears "Money Babies"
The Dears


The Dears Premiere "Money Babies" Video