10 Questions With Henry Rollins

When it comes to election coverage, who better to get your information from than an aging punk rock icon? That's why one Mr. Henry Rollins is in such high demand.

The Sundance Channel's "Voices On The Election" series includes exclusive interviews with celebrities and musicians, with the feature this week being "10 Questions With Henry Rollins." Sundance is actually a very appropriate place for the former Black Flag vocalist to blog considering he is currently a host on IFC, which is one of the reasons it's hard for us to understand why the normally outspoken Rollins had very little to say in this interview. Maybe he's tired of talking? HA! No, seriously though, we like it when Hank says things such as;

"It [art] can be used to galvanize people in the face of oppression. It can be used to agitate and motivate and sometimes be a source of truth. Its why Stalin disappeared artists and writers. When you see the arts getting oppressed by the government, you know its Orwell time."

Instead it's filled a lot of "etc.'s" and shorthand sentences, leading us to believe the interview was conducted over e-mail. Always an interesting read nonetheless, you can check out the full interview here.

Henry Rollins
The Sundance Channel

10 Questions With Henry Rollins