New Music Thursdays - Hearts Of Palm UK "I Flow"

Ironically, Hearts of Palm UK are not even from the UK at all and frankly would prefer not to discuss their mysterious band suffix with anyone. Our guess is there was already a band that had the rights to Hearts Of Palm. Anyone remember the days of Mr. Stefani's Canadian band BushX?

Name conspiracies aside, sticking with today's electro-pop theme, Hearts Of Palm UK channel Madonna through the chops of three hard working indie musicians. Erica Elektra (vocals, keyboard, guitar), Frankie Rose (glockenspiel, keyboard, percussion) and Billy Kaye (cello, autoharp, keyboard) have built a reputation for themselves playing incessantly around the Los Angeles area, with a stage act that typically involves a lot of swapping around of instruments and stage positions and yes, you read that correctly, a glockenspiel.

The trio worked with Swedish producer Henrik Jonsson (Peter Bjorn and John, The Knife, Lykke Li) to help create the indie-dance vibe for their Hypnote Recording Concern debut For Life. Through the lead single, "I Flow", it's possible to hear both the Swedish and California influences, but the UK? Hell, if Au Revoir Simone can pretend to be French, we owe it to give Hearts Of Palm UK a chance, right?

MP3 Download - "I Flow"

Hearts Of Palm UK

New Music Thursdays - Hearts Of Palm UK "I Flow"