Freeload: John Legend f. Buju Banton, “Can’t Be My Lover”

John Legend is usually a little too refined for us ruffians at the FADER dot com, but this bonus track on his new album, Evolver (in stores October 28th), has two burning guest verses by Buju Banton and was produced by Supa Dups of Black Chiney Soundsystem. So, just this once (and repeatedly in the privacy of our candlelit bathrooms), we will post him up and dance like we have a business meeting in an hour.

Download: John Legend f. Buju Banton, “Can’t Be My Lover”

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  1. SamK says:

    John Legend must be out of his mind to have anything to do with a bigot like Buju Banton.

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  4. Invisible says:

    Why would he be out of his mind? Buju Banton is is a ‘bigot’? Why because he hate the homos?