CMJ Tuesday - Freddie Mercury And Marc Bolan Would Be Proud

The first day of CMJ. Exciting stuff if you ask me. You never know what is ahead of you, what bands are going to knock you out with their shows and which will lull you to sleep. Granted Tuesday of CMJ is a pretty low-key day compared to the rest of the festival, but that definitely didn't stop some great parties from going down.

My first stop was at the The Music Slut's party at Piano's where I got to catch the end of Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears' set, which was filled with grandiose theatrical pop music that both Freddie Mercury and Marc Bolan would be proud.

[Bryan Scary and Shredding Tears]

Following their set the much lauded Chairlift took the stage for a tripped out 80s synth sonic journey through songs from their latest album as well as a new number that was sung completely in French and quite irresistible. Obviously the cherry on top for the performance was the infectiously catchy iPod commercial certified single "Bruises" which was a most definite crowd pleaser and a solid end to the performance.


After Piano's I made my way to 92Y for the DJ styles of Finger on the Pulse, some complimentary drinks and food along with a sneak peak of the new HBO show Summer Height High. It was a funny show and a solid event to refuel.

Next up was the Dovecote showcase at Rehab, I was able to catch the infectious melodies of Tim Williams and probably the best show of the night, Mason Proper. They played their new CD, Olly Oxen Free in full and it sounded amazing live. Songs such as "Fog", " Point A to Point B" and "Lock and Key" had a depth to them not present on the CD. It was a pretty packed crowd and everyone enjoyed the band immensely.

[Tim Williams]

[Mason Proper]

[the crowd for Mason Proper - can you count the smiles?]

From there I made my way to the new space at Webster Hall called the Studio for the Stereogum late night show. There was a pretty great turn out for how late it was, even the celebrities or a celebrity came out. David Cross was chilling out taking in the tunes while Brooklyn's own Gang Gang Dance kicked off the show with their brilliant experimental blend of electronica and dense percussive numbers -- as if Thievery Corporation and The Knife got together and had a baby -- that made for an invigorating performance.

[David Cross and friend]

[Gang Gang Dance]

In the end I decided that was a perfect note to end on and that I needed get my beauty sleep to refuel myself for the rest of the insanity that is bound to ensue over the next couple of days. It was an amazing first day, so as far as I am concerned it can only get better from here, right?

The CMJ Music Marathon

CMJ Tuesday - Freddie Mercury And Marc Bolan Would Be Proud