CMJ Wednesday - Trash Pales And Other Obscure Objects

Another day of indie rock bliss has passed and now it is time for to divulge on the occurrences of my day. Kicking off at Pianos with probably my new favorite band that everyone should check out, Drink Up Buttercup. They were hard to categorize so I decided coin a term called carnival junkyard pop. It was like Sergeant Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band performed by talented Hobos.

[Drink Up Butter Cup]

They had a wide array of instruments ranging from the expected guitars and drums to some trash pales and other obscure objects used for percussion. It was a high-energy performance by a group of talented musicians that could meld unconventional instruments flawlessly with the standard band set up, while harmonizing quite well.

Following their brilliant performance was Project Jenny Project Jan who were a two person group that really knew how to kick out some crunchy beats and some quirky rhymes. The front man of the group was extremely entertaining to watch as he would strut across the stage while spitting out some of the most obscure rhymes I have ever heard. It was really dance music with a funny bone, an absolute blast to check out.

[Project Jenny Project Jan]

After Pianos the next stop was Levis Fader Fort and let me tell you the place was hopping. I caught the end of the Chairlift set, got down to the punk rock tendencies of the Muslims from afar and really got to party like a rock star with late additions Los Fancy Free from Mexico City. LFF's performance was the best of the three, with the lead singer going balls to the wall on stage jumping off of speakers and drums sets while performing his bands psychedelic garage melodies.

[Los Fancy Free]

After wetting my whistle with few Bass Ales it was to Bowery Ballroom which just happened to be right around the corner from the Fort. There I saw the Sufjan of Japan, Shugo Tokumaru, who put a wonderful show of whimsical pop filled with flutes, airy guitar plucking and gentle lyrics that were sung in Japanese.

[Shugo Tokumaru]

Audrye Sessions followed with their emotionally charged Brit Pop that reminded me of Starsailor and Remy Zero. It was pretty good, but in the end I just played some guitar hero downstairs to pass the time until the next band. Love as Laughter was the next band up and they were pretty good. I thought musicianship wise they were a really tight band, playing some classic rock riffs that Neil Young's Crazy Horse would be jealous of. My main problem was the lead singers voice, in just didn't do anything for me. Wild Sweet Orange were killer catchy with solid hooks and a really tight band, their tune was irresistible pop gems perfect for the main stream audience.

[Audrye Sessions]

[Love As Laughter]

[Wild Sweet Orange]

The crowning show of the night however, was Margot & the Nuclear So and So's. They played some new songs as well as classic old ones. Just the fact that they played "Talking in Code" sold me for the night. But truthfully, the band was pretty amazing with nine members performing like an indie rock symphony with strings, trumpets, pianos and multiple guitars.

[Margot & the Nuclear So and So's]

For the encore the lead singer came on and tore through four stripped down songs with just him and his guitar.

So there you got, that was day number two. Saw some great music and hung out with some excellent people. Still much more to come and I'm already exhausted! Peace and keep on truckin'.

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CMJ Wednesday - Trash Pales And Other Obscure Objects