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CMJ Wednesday - Two Pickles, A Slice Of Pizza And A Ho-Ho

Upon quickly downing two pickles and a ho-ho, I hustled into the city where I spent most of my Wednesday holed up in the basement of the Levi's Fader Fort conducting interviews and using it as a passage from the front of the room to the stage without having to squirm through the crowd. So I will spare you the details of my day and direct you to Diana Levine's photos, which dwarf anything I could do anyway.

What I will tell you about however, is the amazing ending to my night. After leaving the Fort and grabbing a quick slice of pizza to settle the hunger pangs, I went over to see Women. I really like this band, but it was what happened before them that words probably won't do justice.


On this night at the Cake Shop was a party thrown on behalf of Subbacultcha, an independent music culture company based out of Amsterdam. The sampler CD they were giving away at the show featured plenty of American indie darlings like Ponytail, Pre and of course, Women. What it also featured were some bands that might not be getting the same attention Stateside, but are, I assume, getting "taste-maker" attention in the Netherlands. The only band I caught on the night besides Women was the one on directly before them -- Adept. Hailing from Sweden, there could not have been a bigger culture gap between what Adept play and what Women play. This is why it was amazing.


AdeptAdept fancies themselves as a hardcore techno band who performs live. The sound was precisely that, with every song accompanied by a drum machine providing bass hits on every beat (and I'm not exaggerating when I say every beat of every song) and the keyboard players doing roughly the same. They threw in a some ambient guitar and droning / screaming vocal lines, but telling from the reaction of the very eclectic crowd, the hardcore beats were what everyone wanted. They obviously have a sense of humor as their MySpace page lists them as being driven to sleep with as many women as possible and hone their air guitar skills, but on stage it's a very serious affair. In all black, they were like Rammstein performed by Michael Myers as Dieter. Seriously, amazing.


Then came Women, but at this point, what was the reason? How could you follow that up? Besides being quite possibly the most underrated "it" band at CMJ, Women was one of the bands I wanted to see most. They were great, providing a psych-noise-folk infused set with a bit more pop to help round out the edges. One of Jagjaguar's newest additions, I'm guessing they could reach Muslims level "it" band by SxSW. Not quite Chairlift "it" band mind you, but then again, CMJ is 2 days old and I'm so sick of that iPod song already. Time to hit shuffle and head home.


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CMJ Wednesday - Two Pickles, A Slice Of Pizza And A Ho-Ho