Super Furry Animals Planning "Lyric-Free" Album

If you were looking forward to singing along to the next Super Furry Animals album, you're out of luck.

SFA front man Gruff Rhys told BBC Radio 1 this week that the band's follow up to 2007's Hey Venus! will be lyric-free. According to Rhys, Venus tilted a little more in the pop direction and the original plan had been to push more into rock territory. But plans changed, as they tend to do, and the band has recorded nearly 24 hours of instrumental music in the last 18 months. During that time they also did some recording with a subsection of the BBC Concert Orchestra, and Rhys said they hope to do more.

"There will be vocals on it but no lyrics and it will still be fairly melodic," Rhys said. "We just need to work out what we're going to do with the material, we have got and cut it down to a reasonable length." For SFA fans waiting on pins and needles, though, holding one's breath is not advisable. "As for when it's finished, it will just be finished when it's finished," Rhys admitted. "There's no pressure and we haven't set a deadline."

For now, Rhys is on the road with the collaborative project Neon Neon, whose album Stainless Style was among 12 shortlisted for the Nationwide Mercury Prize, the UK's most prestigious music award. Rhys said the nod was a big surprise, but that it's unlikely Neon Neon will record another record. The band's new single, "Dream Cars", will be released December 8.

Super Furry Animals

Super Furry Animals Planning "Lyric-Free" Album