Underage Drinking With The Black Lips And King Kahn

Story courtesy of Impose

So one of the more interesting stories to come from this year's CMJ involved a show in Bushwick, Brooklyn featuring the Muslims, Women, Vivian Girls and the most under-appreciated garage rock band in the world, LiveFastDie. All anyone was talkng about from this show was the fact that the Black Lips and King Kahn showed and the guitarist for LFD bashed a writer from Vice in the head causing a massive head wound. But what happened afterwards is even funnier than that.

The night after this show I went to the Impose Records showcase where two of their writers were explaining the scenario to me; "This dude from Vice -- of course he had an ironic mustache, that's a stupid question to ask -- got hit in the head by the guitarist from LiveFastDie, and then King Kahn ran and grabbed a Vivian Girls t-shirt and wrapped it up. It was crazy, an ambulance showed up and we were scared they were gong to throw us out for being underage."

"Wait a minute," I interrupted, "now considering this writer from Vice made a post about the events without once referencing G.G. Allin, I can understand why LiveFastDie would maliciously target him, but you were illegally drinking at this show?"

"YES! And then afterwards The Black Lips, Kind Kahn and the guitarist from LiveFastDie took us out bar-hopping. It was crazy, they were bribing door guys to let us in, I was so wasted by the end of the night all I can remember is seeing lots of women and one guy's penis."

[Photos by Alex Nathanson of Impose]

The story went on for a few minutes, but I was tuning in and out since it was three in the morning at this point. Then yesterday, I see this. It's nice to see punk rock is still alive and well.

The Black Lips
King Kahn

Underage Drinking With The Black Lips And King Kahn