Download - Audrye Sessions "Waltz #2" (Elliott Smith Cover Live)

Photo by Sean Desmond

Audrye Sessions is a band whose lush indie pop melodies can be an easy target for cynical music fans. Sometimes music so sweet needs just a touch of negative realism to push it past the swarms of pop-band wannabes. Maybe that's why their cover of Elliott Smith's "Waltz #2" sounds so good, because it brings out just the right touch of self-loathing to push the attractive California quartet past their sunny disposition.

What I'm trying to say is, I am not normally a big fan of Audrye Session's brand of melodic pop. They're a good band whose songs seem to exist in every romantic comedy or feel good story on TV and in movies, but this live cover is a beautiful rendition of the classic Smith song. Showcasing a more delicate side to Ryan Karazija's voice, it's an appropriate song to listen to on a cautiously optimistic Election Day morning.

MP3 Download - "Waltz #2"

Audrye Sessions

Download - Audrye Sessions "Waltz #2" (Elliott Smith Cover Live)