Live - The Kooks @ The Warfield | SF

A lot has happened in the past two years; I got some junk modified on my body, I moved three times, I even tried online blind dating. But my little whirlwind of a life pales in comparison to what Brighton's The Kooks have been through in the past 24 months. International headline spots and festivals, a replacement bass player, a new album, and all the while continuing to stick to their sunny deposition and take on love songs.

The U.K. lads popped into the newly-renovated Warfield in San Francisco in support of Konk and as we rolled up, "She Moves In Her Own Way" prompted us to find our places sooner on the dance floor. Even after all this time, I still feel that song epitomizes Luke Pritchard's voice; earnest, bright, and with a sharp sense of brevity that is still fresh without being blunt. Paired with the classic Brit-pop feel the song carries, and it's no wonder that the show was sold out.

Of course, the popular tracks were met with larger screams. "Naïve" and "Jackie Big Tits" garnered some fist pumping on account of my concert partner and I for sure. But Konk breakout track "Shine On" is also a clear example as to why the new material was still greatly received, and what makes The Kooks' sound so infectious. Pritchard's voice nearly serves as a supplemental instrument, and the four piece know a hook like the back of their hand.

"These guys are all in their early 20's?" Kim asked me as Pritchard completed an acoustic stint on stage. The rest of the band filed on stage to finish out the night.

"I know, right?" I replied. "Let's see what happens in the quarter life crisis stage -- both mine and theirs." I'll be waiting.

Live - The Kooks @ The Warfield | SF