Blur To Reunite? For Real?

Could 2008 finally be the year for the boys of Blur to stop crying wolf? Five years ago, Blur released its seventh and (allegedly) final studio album, Think Tank. Four years ago, rumors of reunions started flying and haven't stopped since.

Unfortunately for Blur fans, the rumors have been more on-again/off-again than a bad boyfriend -- the band actually made it into the studio in 2005, but talk of recording for a new album in 2007 was quickly squashed. In February of this year, guitarist Graham Coxon told that the band had been naïve to think they could go back into the studio last year. Days later, singer Damon Albarn shot back to UK daily The Sun, saying he wasn't too miffed the reunion didn't pan out, because "the only reason people would do it is for the money -- but I don't need the money."

And indeed he doesn't. With the Gorillaz in his back pocket and enough solo projects (plus a monkey opera, we can't make this stuff up), Albarn certainly has enough reasons to say no to a Blur reunion. But as of today, BBC Radio1 is reporting that Albarn is as positive as ever about the possibility.

"It's very possible I'll go back to Blur, it really is very possible," he told the BBC. "The truth be known, Graham and I have been hanging out together a bit. We had lunch the other day." So maybe all the rumors are finally coming true? "(Coxon)'s great, it's fantastic to get my old friend back. So it's good, but I can't really say any more than that."

Albarn also said he's working on the next Gorillaz album currently, which is about halfway finished.


Blur To Reunite? For Real?