New Music Thursdays - Video Hippos

Video Hippos are certainly not new, but since we've noticed they're doing a few East coast dates with Health this week it's rekindled our listening love affair.

Fresh off of their slot on the Baltimore Round Robin tour and right back on the road, the duo that is Video Hippos, Kevin O'Meara and Jim Triplett normally play with their backs to the audience in front of a projection screen. It's a technique being used more and more often by artists with less of a visual repertoire to their live performances, but a band like Video Hippos is fun to watch play. So why the projections? Well, besides being added incentive, they like to showcase their fellow Wham City and Baltimore artist brethren. One such artist is Meredith Moore, who created the videos for their singles "Narwhalz" and "Man's Man", both of which were on their Monitor Records debut Unbeast The Leash.


"Man's Man"

The video for their song "Happy Creek" from their split cassette with Death by TV on Unnecessary Friction was done by Chris Lineberry.

"Happy Creek

And for a more intimate tour portrait of a band that always seems to be touring, in our Google searches we came across this tour documentary that the Hippos photographed while in Canada with DD/MM/YYYY.

[photo courtesy Impose]

Video Hippos

New Music Thursdays - Video Hippos