Flashback Friday Video - Refused "New Noise"

I take full responsibility for today's edition of Friday Flashback Video. With all of the costumes and masks in the video, it would've been appropriate as a Halloween post, but you can't mess with a classic. A classic in its own right -- I still get goosebumps when I hear this song.

Widely considered one of -- if not the -- best produced, written and recorded punk/hardcore album's of all time, Refused left an indelible mark on musical history when they released their musical manifesto The Shape of Punk To Come a decade ago in 1998. With a nod to the classic Ornette Coleman album, the guys in Refused created an album that is both timeless in its sound as well as its importance to the overall landscape of modern music. In fact, upon finishing the recording, Refused felt topping it was impossible and immediately called it quits, creating an aura about them that far exceeded their importance as a working band. Ten years later it still sounds modern even though countless bands have tried to pull it off since. Indeed it was -- and still is -- The Shape Of Punk To Come.

Refused "New Noise"

Flashback Friday Video - Refused "New Noise"