Photos: Barack Obama and Family on Election Night by David Katz

Considering the amount of radio stations and car stereos that have “My President is Black” on repeat, you can’t really blame us for our inability to wean ourselves from the brain-addling 24-hour news cycle or hitting “refresh” on talkingpointsmemo so often we have developed a permanent tick and what appears to be a bunyon in our “esc” key finger. We are so excited to have a new President who seems so intent and sincere about making the country better, that we actually interrupted the writing of this post to watch his brief first press conference as president-elect. He answered straightforwardly! He made jokes! He has plans in place! Malia is allergic to dogs and we are sad! Relive this week with this behind-the-scenes photo set from campaign photographer David Katz. This is history and we are ready for more of it.

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