Double Dagger Sign To Thrill Jockey

One of our favorite bands to come out of Baltimore, it's nice to see that incredibly nice guys in Double Dagger are getting some long overdue national appreciation.

You'll be seeing a bit more coverage of these guys coming up on the Tripwire (see: tomorrow), but the Baltimore trio Double Dagger create what could most-easily be described as post-punk, although post-typography is probably a more accurate term. Their name is a sly reference to their very nerdy appreciation of the artform as Double Dagger is equally well known for their beautifully designed record packaging, hand-screenprinted concert posters, and T-shirt designs.

Often considered and respected as a label that supports very independent and creative bands, 2008 has proved to be an active year for Thrill Jockey, who -- along with Double Dagger and their active release schedule -- also signed indie behemoths the Boredoms and indie darlings High Places earlier in the year.

Double Dagger will be spending the rest of the year recording new material for their upcoming TJ release, but have the Baltimore stop of Dan Deacon's Baltimore Round Robin Tour still to come on Friday, December 19th at the Sonar.

"Luxury Condos For The Poor" Live at Whartscape 2007

Double Dagger
Thrill Jockey

Double Dagger Sign To Thrill Jockey