Bowling With The Band - The Baltimore Round Robin Tour

Video by Maia Stern
Photos by Nate Dorr

In the first, of what will hopefully be many, beer-filled, gutter-wrenching feats of adequacy, we took the beautiful people (all 40 or so of them) of The Baltimore Round Robin Tour on a field trip to The Gutter for our inaugural installment of Bowling With The Band.

[Dan Deacon celebrates a... um... strike?]

Little did we know the excitement that bowling would create for a bunch of tour-worn individuals. To quote tour manager Rose Chase, "it was a definite pick me up" for the tired mass of people and we were happy to provide it for them. After all, we were just doing our jobs, but we challenge any band to beat us. Seriously, you can't beat us.

Because of the sheer numbers involved, we had to take the interview outside and break it up into three segments. Here is parts one of the interview, which also features some music by Dan Deacon, along with photos from our day below. You can catch part two here with the final installment to air next week. You can click here to see photos from the show.

Bowling With The Band: The Baltimore Round Robin Tour

[Nolen Strals of Double Dagger stepping up]

[During the interview]

[DJ Dog Dick stepping up]

[Bruce Willen of Double Dagger]

[Cornelius & Pitifur]

[Victoria LeGrand of Beach House]

[Dan needs a do-over]

[David Zimmerman of WZT Hearts]

[Greg Fox of Teeth Mountain]

[Sam Herring of Future Islands]

[Shaun Flynn of WZT Hearts]

[Adam Endres of The Creepers]

The Baltimore Round Robin Tour

Bowling With The Band - The Baltimore Round Robin Tour