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Live: Flying Lotus in Los Angeles

Dudes slumped over laptops in darkened rooms aren’t usually high on our list of things to pay money for. Why buy the cow when you can stay home and get the milk for free, you know? But when Flying Lotus is involved, we're willing to make an exception. FlyLo, along with a couple of friends and Brainfeeder signees (Kode9, Daedelus, Gaslamp Killer, Ras G, etc), swarmed the Echoplex in Los Angeles last Friday with ample laser sounds. We were up front most of the night, where the bass hit hard enough to knock the wind out of us, repeatedly. The bass actually spread out far enough for the beat nerds a few feet behind us to stop their never ending chorus of approving WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!!s to ask each other, “Can you feel that bass, dawg?”

Live: Flying Lotus in Los Angeles