New Music Thursdays - TV Ghost

[Photo by Rob Karlic]

Lafayette Indiana's TV Ghost is shrouded in a wall of psych influence, but unlike many of their east or west coast counterparts, they're a bit further away from the garage, 60s pop-punk sound. They definitely channel a bit of it, but they channel a lot of the 70s and 80s creepers. Think Suicide, Butthole Surfers or any of the weird songs off of the Crypt Records samplers.

Ironically, it seems as though the Midwest is becoming the go-to place for inspirational new takes on the psych-garage sound. To borrow a phrase, "The Midwest is Hell. But as most of us know, Hell spits out the good stuff."

One who seems to prey heavily on the good stuff that Hell (the Midwest) is spitting out is In The Red Records, who TV Ghost has recently signed on with. Despite being located in California, In The Red has made a habit of working with bands whose tour routes consist mostly of Chicago down to Goner Records than up and down beach coasts. So it shouldn't be too much of a surprise to hear that TV Ghost will look to the seminal punk label to release the follow-up to their self-titled LP, which was released earlier this year on the Ohio imprint die Stasi. There's still no mention of the band or record on the ITR web site, but the Ghost's Jackson VanHorn told us via MySpace that "The new record on In The Red should be out in the new year, if not a bit sooner." Until then, here is the single "Babel" from their self-titled LP.

MP3 Download - "Babel"

TV Ghost

New Music Thursdays - TV Ghost