Jane's Addiction Turn L.A. Show Into Two Night Stand, May Tour In '09

These days, we've seen so many neverending farewell tours and one-night-only shows become full-blown reunion albums that we're never too surprised when it happens again. The latest band to bait us with a possible second coming is Jane's Addiction, whose high-profile, impossible-to-get-into gig last month at Los Angeles club La Cita has led to another L.A. show this Thursday and rumors of a tour.

The L.A. Times music blog Pop and Hiss reported yesterday that Jane's Addiction would take the stage at El Cid, in the Silverlake/Echo Park neighborhood of L.A., Thursday. Some of the details are still being ironed out, but guitarist Dave Navarro wrote on his blog that the setting would be intimate as the La Cita show was, but the venue is a bit larger. "Hopefully we can all avoid another fire marshall fiasco!"

Apparently last month's show was so packed that some of the band members' friends and family couldn't even get in the door. Pop and Hiss reports that El Cid, the venue for Thursday's gig, is bigger than La Cita -- but only a little bit. On top of that, it's a Mexican restaurant that usually books local acts and its staff isn't really impressed by name-dropping at the door.

According to Pop and Hiss, early information says tickets will be $9 at the door, first come, first served. Even better than the low ticket price is that word on the street is, the band is getting along quite well -- well enough that El Cid might just be another pit stop on their way to a full tour next year.

Jane's Addiction

Jane's Addiction Turn L.A. Show Into Two Night Stand, May Tour In '09