Video - Just In Time For The Holidays, Dan Deacon & Crayola

For the first time in his musical career, Mr. Deacon has licensed one of his songs to a large company. For some reason we're not surprised at the slice of capitalist America he chose to support.

Tipped off to the commercial spot when we went bowling with Dan, it was confirmed yesterday via a MySpace bulletin from both Dan and his label, Car Park Records, who released the album -- Spiderman Of The Rings -- on which the song -- "Pink Batman" -- was originally released. In the bulletin, Dan had this to say:

This is the first time I've let a large company license one of my songs. I've been asked by several others before but this is the first time its been for something that promotes a company that creates a product that encourages people (children) to make art and to use their minds to create. Maybe I'm being naive but I used their crayons.

Say what you will, it strangely seems to makes sense. And hey, at least you can actually hear the song in the commercial, unlike when Crayola commissioned a song by Animal Collective.

Dan Deacon

Video - Just In Time For The Holidays, Dan Deacon & Crayola