GNR Leak Chinese Democracy - Wait, What?

If you want to have a sneak listen to Chinese Democracy without potentially committing some sort of federal offense, your time is nigh on Guns N' Roses' MySpace page. Apparently if you want your album leaked right, you've got to do it yourself.

Chinese Democracy hits shelves on November 23, but as of last night at midnight EST it's streaming on the band's MySpace profile. And thanks to a handy countdown ticker on the page, fans can listen to the hotly anticipated album while watching the seconds literally tick by until Sunday's release.

Pre-ordering for Chinese Democracy is through Best Buy, who are also offering a free download of the album's title track with any pre-order. And thankfully, Best Buy's GNR page also has a countdown ticker, so you won't have to miss counting any of those precious seconds while you place your order. Thank God for modern technology.

Guns N' Roses

GNR Leak Chinese Democracy - Wait, What?