Courtney Love's Blog Says Kat Bjelland Could Lose Her House

Why air your own problems when you can count on Courtney Love to do it for you? Love reported on her MySpace blog today that former Babes in Toyland singer/guitarist Kat Bjelland is dangerously close to losing her house.

There's something to be said for taking Love's star reporting skills with a grain of salt, sure, but she and Bjelland have quite a history. There was the whole "Kinderwhore" controversy, where Bjelland accused Love of stealing a really unfortunate fashion trend she started that involved sexualizing little girls' clothes. Of course Love said it was Bjelland who stole it from her, and then someone probably yelled for their mommy. They did make up, though, and later actually collaborated on a track for the Hole album Live Through This.

Love's blog this morning announced that Bjelland, now the lead singer and guitarist for Katastrophy Wife, was on the verge of having her home repossessed, the next in a long line of victims of our less-than-booming economy. Love suggested that this year's LadyFest should benefit Bjelland -- and we quote Love's superb spelling exactly -- "so shes nto HOMELESS wich shes about to be ( im tapped)."

Courtney Love
Kat Bjelland

Courtney Love's Blog Says Kat Bjelland Could Lose Her House