Radiohead Release Three New Videos + Announce First 2009 Tour Dates

Earlier today it was announced that Radiohead will premier three new videos on Rupert Murdoch's record label. Now they've announced the first few tour dates of 2009. Didn't anyone tell them publicists don't like working this hard on Fridays?

The videos -- all winners of the aniBoom animated video contest -- will premier on MySpace Music starting today (November 21) with the "Weird Fishes" and following with videos for "15 Step" and "Videotape" to be premiered on November 25 and November 28 respectively.

From the press release: "The creative teams behind the videos are Tobias Stretch from the US for "Weird Fishes;" the German team of Wolfgang Jaiser and Claus Winter for "Videotape" and Kota Totori from Japan for "15 Step." MySpace Music had previously premiered the video for "Reckoner" which was created by Clement Picon of France, which the band chose as the official video for the song. All four videos were winners of the In Rainbows Animated Music Video Contest.

The contest invited all creators and Radiohead fans from across the globe to produce a one-minute animated music video clip for any song from the band's latest album, In Rainbows, for a chance to win the $10,000 grand prize to produce a full-length animated music video. Due to the extraordinary quality of the submissions, Radiohead decided to choose four winning videos, rather than a single winner, and provided the additional prize money so that each of the four creators receives $10,000 to produce their full-length video.

"Weird Fishes" video by Tobias Stretch
Radiohead - Weird Fishes - by Tobias Stretch

But as we said, that announcement is not where the excitement ends for Radiohead fans. A short time ago, the band released some early 2009 tourdates via their website. The band is set to play shows in Latin America in March. In addition to performing at Mexico City's Foro Sol on March 15 and 16, the band will headline the Cristal en Vivo Festival on March 27 in Santiago. Their website also lists shows in Argentina and Brazil, but without specifics (can you blame them for being excited?).

Radiohead 2009 tour dates
03.15.09 - Mexico City, Mexico (Foro Sol)
03.16.09 - Mexico City, Mexico (Foro Sol)
03.27.09 - Santiago, Chile (San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium)


Radiohead Release Three New Videos + Announce First 2009 Tour Dates