Man Man Needs Your Cat

Man Man is shooting a "no-budget" video this Sunday evening in the greater Los Angeles area and are in search of a small, preferably light color, kitten for a leading role. Think your feline friend has what it takes to be a star?

Posted earlier today by front man Honus Honus:

"We're shooting a no-budget video in Los Angeles and we're having an impossible time finding a little kitten for one of the shots. The shoot is on Sunday night, November 30th in Los Angeles and we'll only be needing the kitten for an hour at the most. The video is gonna be shot 1950's style in black and white so the lighter in color the better. As much as I love black cats it won't translate well in a nighttime shot.

So once again, here's the details:
Light colored, SMALL kitten (a couple months old at the oldest because it has to be small enough to comfortably fit in a very small bowler hat)
Sunday Night, November 30th
Los Angeles area only."

In the interest of not including personal contact info, if you have a cat that might fit this description, you can get all of the relevant details here.

We also cannot take responsibility for the health and welfare of your cat once in the hands of Man Man, but to quote Honus, "The cat will not be eaten. On camera."

Man Man

Man Man Needs Your Cat