Video - Gallagher Brothers Carry Hatton's Hardware Into The Ring

We have a few boxing fans here at the Tripwire, and when we learned last week that the Gallagher brothers would be accompanying England's favorite son Ricky Hatton into the ring this past weekend in Las Vegas, we were hoping we might witness the brothers Oasis get into some sort of altercation themselves.

Unfortunately, things went according to plan, with Hit-Man beating Brooklyn-native Paulie Malignaggi in Las Vegas. While not officially a "comeback" fight, this was Hatton's first fight since getting abused by Floyd Mayweather earlier in '08, so the added incentive behind the fight for Hatton's camp might have been the reason for the Gallagher brothers appearance. That being said, the Gallaghers and Hatton are both from Manchester City and they appear regularly with the fighter back home. According to NME, Hatton has been quoted as saying, "When I think of the most important things in my life, there's my family first and Campbell my son, then I've got boxing, next comes Manchester City, then it's Oasis."

Gallagher brothers carry Ricky Hatton's belts into the ring

Ricky Hatton

Video - Gallagher Brothers Carry Hatton's Hardware Into The Ring