Placebo To Play First Rock Concert In Angkor Wat, Camobodia

Did you know there's a branch of MTV dedicated exclusively to the end of human exploitation and trafficking? Labeled MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking), turns out they've been around since 2004, reaching out to millions of young people through anti-trafficking messages at concerts and music festivals featuring artists such as R.E.M., Radiohead, The White Stripes, The Hives, Thievery Corporation, and hundreds of other international and local artists. And on December 7, they will produce a historic show at a 12th century Cambodian temple featuring Tripwire favorites Placebo.

While we feel someone should notify the people at MTV EXIT about all of the human exploitation taking place on their US networks through shows like the Real World and anything starring Paris Hilton, we must commend them for putting together this show, which will also feature Tony Award winner Duncan Sheik, Australian pop sensation Kate Miller-Heidke as well as some of Cambodia's biggest recording artists.

Angkor Wat, which is the best-preserved temple at the UNESCO World Heritage-listed complex. The 12th-Century temple is one of the most unique and iconic cultural sites of the world (you might remember it from the backdrop for scenes from the movie Tomb Raider) and while other cultural, classical and operatic performances have taken place at the temple, this will be the first ever rock concert.

Press Release Disclaimer: The concert will provide content for a series of television programs produced by MTV EXIT to be broadcast in Cambodia and on MTV channels internationally. These specials will combine concert footage with important information about human trafficking. All MTV EXIT television programming is produced rights-free and free of charge for all broadcasters and organizations.


Placebo To Play First Rock Concert In Angkor Wat, Camobodia