Axl Rose Picks Fight With Dr. Pepper

Seems like Axl Rose is determined to use every ounce of resurrected limelight that (finally) releasing Chinese Democracy has given him and turn it into a reason to bitch. The target this time? Dr. Pepper.
The folks at Dr. Pepper -- as were most people -- were skeptical the long awaited Guns N' Roses album would ever hit store shelves. So in a cheeky promotional move, they promised to provide everyone in America vouchers for a free 20 oz. soda if the record came out by the end of the year. In order to obtain said voucher people were told to visit the Dr. Pepper website the day the album hit shelves, but apparently, so many people went to the site it "malfunctioned" this past Sunday, at which point Axl Rose turned into a green Lou Ferrigno, ripping off all of his clothes, leaving just enough fabric to cover his genital-region.

According to The New York Times, Rose is accusing the Pepper of profiting off the Guns N' Roses name, and on Tuesday his lawyers sent a harshly worded letter to the soft drink maker complaining of its "appalling failure to make good on a promise it made to the American public," and demanding a public apology, more time for thirsty fans, and payment for piggybacking on the Chinese Democracy publicity. They are also demanding full-page apologies in four major newspapers -- ironically including the NY Times (maybe the reason they're one of the few places to do a full article on the subject... everyday they're hustlin').

Now, we can sympathize with Axl, after all Dr. Pepper is directly using the band's name for promotional purposes. But was he upset because the Dr. didn't live up to their end of the bargain, or is Rose and his legal team trying to turn it into extra promotion via a lawsuit? Keep in mind, instead of just asking the company to make good on their promise, he is actually pushing to extend the campaign via ads and lawsuits that will keep this topic in the public forum.

Either way, Axl sure knows how to make himself look like an ungrateful prick, even after a 15-year wait. Please, can anyone, anywhere, turn him back into this guy?

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Axl Rose Picks Fight With Dr. Pepper