Exclusive Video - These Arms Are Snakes "Red Line Season"

Sent to us just in time for Thanksgiving, and posted for the holidays, the video for These Arms Are Snakes' "Red Line Season" would actually be more appropriate for Halloween.

Being fans of the band, we were tipped off to the video a little over a week ago via Subterranean's Behind The Scene take on the shoot [below official video]. Aside from being curious why the Fred Savage Fan Club was the first related post to the BHTS clip, we've been waiting since then for Steve Snere's sideburns to make their on-screen debut. Directed by Artificial Army (The Mars Volta, The Sword and Blackalicious), the video could easily be mistaken for a Rob Zombie clip with Snere and Co. riding (and playing instruments) in a broken down car with flames and skulls to spare. They might be moving precariously closer to becoming a "traditional" rock band with their most recent Tail Swallower & Dove, but this video leans more on their hardcore roots.

These Arms Are Snakes "Red Line Season"

Subterranean Behind The Scenes; "Red Line Season" video shoot

These Arms Are Snakes

Exclusive Video - These Arms Are Snakes "Red Line Season"