Nick Reinhart And Zach Hill Announce New Band

Formulated for some time but shrouded in secrecy, the dynamic duo of Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos and Zach Hill have finally announced their new band, bygones.

The bygones' debut full-length, by-, will be released in early 2009 on Sargent House. While the promise of tracklist, album art and live dates will be "coming soon," you can check out two tracks at their MySpace. In the meantime, take a moment to read Nick's account of the formation of bygones.

a few days before we left for our last tour, my friend dan, of them hills, asked if i would mind him giving my number to zach hill. i'd seen hella play hundreds of times and believe or not i had never met the guy. dan had mentioned my name to him, suggesting that it would be cool to see/hear the two of us playing music together. of course this sounded like a neat idea to me. (as a side note, this was the same night that i told jeff worms that daughters had been looking for someone to play guitar for their next tour. curious.)

a few days later zach and i spoke over the phone. had a nice chat. melos was leaving for tour in a couple of days. we had scrapped our daily practice-before-tour routine at that point because vince had checked out. in other words i had nothing to do. so zach and i got together for the next couple of days. there was no preconception of what we were doing. no band. no this or that. just playing music for long concentrated periods of time. actually, the one thing we did talk about was a desire for playing "riffs." whatever that meant. we eventually would relate that term to a mutual love for rage against the machine.

anyhow, melos was off for a bitter-sweet last run through the country with a good friend. of course i knew it'd be a busy summer upon our return, as we would be searching the world for a new drummer. somehow though, from the day we got home, between the dolphin starbeam chronicles and other life events, i was able to manage playing with zach quite often in one of several dark, sweaty caves that we practiced in. eventually the riffs became jams, the jams became songs and then the songs became a record's worth of material.

knowing that both of us have extremely busy schedules, as zach had just finished his solo record and we had just found a drummer, we knew that if we ever wanted to document the songs we'd have to do it soon. i mentioned the idea of a record to cathy/sargent house and she was thrilled. fast forward through all the boring stuff and the end result is a new record from a band called bygones.

the album is rad. as idividuals, we feel it's some of the best work we have produced. also, as some of you might be wondering, this is not a side project. this is a band. we will play shows and make more records. hopefully the record will be out early next year. march/april maybe? i don't know. i absolutely can't stand that side of putting out records- dates, numbers, money. no thanks.


Nick Reinhart And Zach Hill Announce New Band