The Singles Collection - His Electro Blue Voice "Duuug" b/w "Fury Eyes"

This is the first installment of our weekly column The Singles Collection, in which we will highlight some great pieces of 7" wax -- whether new or old -- that we think you should know about.

From the inimitable stable of Sacred Bones Records comes this two-song platter from eviscerating Italian post-punk combo His Electro Blue Voice; the follow up to their much praised (and with good reason) Fog 7", released earlier this year on S-S Records. While anything but recluses, they remain largely shrouded in mystery, at least to those of us here in the States, who only have a scant handful of songs to sate us until they unleash a proper full-length (or at least another single).

Strange, hyperactively-chiming guitars open "Duuug", followed closely by a crisp, buoyant rhythm that allows ample room for its swarming guitars to dive-bomb into the chorus, igniting a vitriolic chug that blasts the song through a frenetic bridge and into a feverish outro that ends in a tangled mess of moaning and power-chords. On the flipside, "Fury Eyes" kicks in with ranked masses of flailing, doomsday guitars flanking the spectral rhythm like so many hooligans in slate gray trench coats, kicking and stomping it like it were Mussolini's head, seconds before everything erupts into a scathing industrial clatter that sounds like nothing so much as a madman trying desperately to kick his way out of a steel corridor. It's somehow even more exhilarating than the A-Side, and after all is said and done you can't help but think that somewhere Peter Hook is nodding his head in approval.

Naysayers might point to the band's lack of originality, but really, HEBV are not merely just another post-punk throwback. Rather, they take the structure and conceits that were the cornerstone of the original movement and refract them through their own cracked modern lens, yet, implausibly, do so in a manner that's so true to the cold, morose sound and spirit of that defining era, that they really deserve nothing less than total admiration, and a Peter Saville sleeve design.

His Electro Blue Voice
Sacred Bones Records

The Singles Collection - His Electro Blue Voice "Duuug" b/w "Fury Eyes"