The Tripwire Podcast 041

00:00:02 Cage The Elephant "In One Ear" (DSP)
00:04:08 The Strange Boys "Track 05" (In The Red/Dusty Medical)
00:07:08 Wallpaper "Vertigo Jane" (K Recs)
00:09:56 Drink Up Buttercup "Mr. Pie Eyes" (Rough Trade)
00:12:29 Gringo Star "All Y'all" (My Anxious Mouth)
00:15:06 Dorian Taj "Borderline Princess" (unsigned)
00:16:55 Absentee "Boy, Did She Teach You Nothing?" (Memphis Industries)
00:19:31 New Rhodes "Everybody Loves A Scene" (Salty Cat)
00:22:47 Ezra Furman And The Harpoons "We Should Fight" (Minty Fresh)
00:26:31 The Broken West "Perfect Games" (Merge)
00:29:33 Miniature Tigers "Like Or Like Like" (Modern Art)
00:32:04 Human Highway "The Sound" (Suicide Squeeze)
00:34:41 Buen Chico "See Who Wins" (self-release)
00:36:59 Wild Light "California On My Mind" (Startime Int'l)
00:39:24 The King Blues "My Boulder" (Field)
00:42:43 The Voom Blooms "Lucille" (unsigned)
00:46:05 break one
01:00:43 The Magnificents "Get It Boy" (self-release)
01:03:59 Boom Boom Satellites "Six Forty Five" (Sony Japan)
01:07:59 South Central "Aeon" (Egregore)
01:11:38 We Have Band "Oh! [Plugs remix]" (50 Bones)
01:15:41 The Model "What Does It Look Like I'm Doing?" (Playloop)
01:19:54 Winter Gloves "Factories" (Paperbag)
01:22:32 Telepathe "Chrome's On It" (IAmSound)
01:25:22 It's A Musical "Ball Of Joy" (Morr)
01:28:56 Chandeliers "Mr. Electric" (Obey Your Brain)
01:32:06 Nigel Of Bermondsey "Can You See Them Now?" (Pure Mint)
01:36:00 Max Tundra "Will Get Fooled Again" (Domino)
01:39:07 Micachu "Golden Phone" (Accidental)
01:41:34 Hot Lava "Apple+Option+Fire" (Bar/None)
01:44:15 break two
01:52:34 The Changes "On A String" (Kitchenware)


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The Tripwire Podcast 041