Video - MGMT Recreates First Thanksgiving For French TV

Maybe because the French have a higher tolerance for exceptionally weird stuff, or maybe just because they were homesick on that most American of holidays -- whatever the reason, MGMT put on their own reenactment of the first Thanksgiving while performing "Kids" on the French music show Le Grand Journal last Wednesday.

The video is quite an educational experience, mostly because we had no idea there were puppies or masseurs at Plymouth Rock. Not to leave any historical detail overlooked, there is also a pilgrim riding a Segway at the back of the stage and a painter capturing the entire scene with what appear to be oil crayons.

After the performance, Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser have a short interview with the show's host, where we get the distinct pleasure of hearing the words "mystic bullshit" repeated several times in very thick French accents. Priceless.


Video - MGMT Recreates First Thanksgiving For French TV