Video - Birdmonster "Born To Be Your Man"

The guys in Birdmonster seem bent on creating innovative videos that actually inspire you to watch as much as listen.

Using a technique called SLAM (Slide, Animation, Movies), the San Francisco indie darlings Birdmonster released a video for the single "The Iditarod" back in August. This time around the technique is not nearly as "painstaking" but the results are nonetheless stellar.

The video for the second single "Born To Be Your Man" (which was actually the first single leaked; both songs appear on their FADER Label debut From The Mountain To The Sea sees the band in the more traditional role of performing their instruments outside of a house where a family scene is taking place. From that simple setting, director Matt Daniels of Think Lab, weaves in astronauts and chess while ivy encloses in on the family. Eventually leading to...

"Born To Be Your Man"


Video - Birdmonster "Born To Be Your Man"