Freeload: DJ Ayres’ Best of Young Jeezy Mix

FADER-fam DJ Ayres put together a career-spanning mix of Young Jeezy highlights for the Crossfaded Bacon blog, and although there is one GLARING omission, we’re still happy to take a dark jaunt down memory lane with Young Jeezy and his assortment of friends. Listening to the mix, mostly presented in chronological order, a couple things stand out: One, there is not a bad song on here, and two, a best of Young Jeezy mix is like handing us a bag of money and being like, “I hope you like it!” Of course we like it. Just for good measure, we’re reposting our FADER TV interview with the man himself. If you’ve already watched it, watch it again.

Download: DJ Ayres’ Best of Young Jeezy Mix

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  2. Gratzke from one genius to another.