New Music Thursdays - Mexican Kids At Home

Coming to us courtesy of our delightfully indiepop and delightfully British friends at Twee As Fuck, we bring you Mexican Kids At Home, a five-piece from Derby, UK, who love a little ukulele solo now and then and describe themselves as "four skateboarders and a girl singer."

They released their second EP, When We All Live in Igloos, in May on weePOP! records. With lots of harmonica-driven melodies, keys, trumpets, organ and an assortment of other noise makers -- including that ukulele, which we're seeing everywhere right now (Exhibit A and Exhibit B) -- they create a pop sound that's light, friendly and unassumingly matter-of-fact in its vocal delivery. We particularly love the holiday treat that awaits on the band's MySpace page at the moment: "Wholesale XMAS Bore is Over", with a few funny take-off moments on John and Yoko's "Happy Christmas (War is Over)", a fun melody and excellent use of maracas, tambourines and xylophones. And damn, that ukulele.

We also like "No Eyed Deers" and "Plastic Pitchfork Song", and of course check out "Start A One Man Band!" from the When We All Live in Igloos EP below. With shows in the UK through February, Mexican Kids at Home don't look to be making a stop off in the U.S. any time soon, but in the meantime, their EPs are available through weePOP!.

Mexican Kids at Home - "Start A One Man Band!"

Mexican Kids at Home

New Music Thursdays - Mexican Kids At Home