Flashback Friday Video - Culture Club "Karma Chameleon"

In honor of S&M fetishists everywhere who don't know when to say when, we send this one out to our boy George who was convicted yesterday of beating and imprisoning a Norwegian male escort. We're not sure if this gives homosexual men a bad rap, or if it will help toughen up any of the misconceived stereotypes, but we know for a fact false imprisonment is not good karma.

Aside from being our editor's mom's favorite band in the 80s, Culture Club's second album, Colour by Numbers, was released in 1983 and immediately launched the band to international stardom. Ironically, "Karma Chameleon" was the second single, the first being "Church of the Poison Mind", but while "Church" became both a top 10 single in both the UK and US, "Karma Chameleon" gave the band its first #1 hit in both countries -- eventually hitting the top spot in a total of 16 countries and earning the band a Grammy Award for Best New Artist. Culture Club was also the first band in history to have a diamond album (10 times platinum) in Canada, for more than a million copies sold.

Ironically, this is not George's first foray into physical abuse of a partner. He was infamously involved romantically with the group's drummer, Jon Moss. Their relationship lasted for over four years and was often rumored to be turbulent, with physical and verbal abuse. The pressure to hide the relationship from the press and the public started to take its toll on the band, with some linking their troubles with Culture Club's ultimate demise in 1986.

Culture Club

Flashback Friday Video - Culture Club "Karma Chameleon"