WAVVES - "So Bored"

Because people are easy to confuse and apparently it's good for a few laughs if you've just finished a record and you're a little bored, WAVVES (Nathan Williams) is releasing WAVVVES on February 3, not to be confused with his self-titled debut album WAVVES. Please note the very important extra V.

WAVVVES comes out on the De Stijl label, and promises to be more of what you know and love from WAVVES, that noise-pop, beach punk, whatever you want to call it wholesome California goodness. Check out the tracklisting for WAVVVES below and have a listen to "So Bored" from the album.

WAVVES - "So Bored"

01. Rainbow Everywhere
02. Sun Opens My Eyes
03. Get In The Sun
04. Jetplane (Staying On A)
05. No Hope Kids
06. More Fur
07. So Bored
08. Summer Goth
09. Surf Goth
10. Goth Girls
11. Ghost Ramp
12. Killr Punx
13. Scary Demons


WAVVES - "So Bored"