Psychic Ills - "Fingernail Tea"

[photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg]

After spending 2007 exploring various collaborations and personal projects, New York's we-were-psych-before-it-was-cool-to-be-psych Psychic Ills united in early 2008 to record the follow up to their acclaimed debut Dins. Entitled Mirror Eye, the new full-length will be released on January 20, once again on Social Registry.

Psychic Ills - "Fingernail Tea"

From the press release: The result is an altogether heady affair and, as its title suggests, a perspective reflection. Throught the course of eight tracks, Elizabeth Hart, Jimmy Seitang, Brian Tamborello and Tres Warren journey through a unique amalgamation of electronic explorations, improvised jamming and various sonic experiments that yield a record at once familiar and otherworldly.

Mirror Eye is the imaginative culmination of a period of exploration for Psychic Ills. A transcendent combination of musics that symbolizes how far the band has and continues to evolve beyond genre. Psychic Ills are already hard at work on a mini-LP to follow up this release so expect to hear a lot from them over the course of 2009.

Mirror Eye [cover above] track listing
01. Mantis
02. Meta
03. Sub Synth
04. Eyes Closed
05. I Take You As My Wife Again
06. Fingernail Tea
07. The Way
08. Go To The Radio

Psychic Ills - "Fingernail Tea"