New Music Thursdays - Crime Novels

[photos by Nate Dorr]

Crime Novels is actually just one guy; Ellery Widener Martin Samson. And even if you don't like his music, if you get the chance to witness him perform, we promise you will never forget it.

Regularly finding himself on great line-ups around the NYC area, Ellery likes to boast about his 7-minute sets, which finds the bombastic performer rolling around on the floor, banging on various percussive instruments and a healthy does of "in your face" attitude. That is to say, like a (more) avant-garde Dan Deacon, Ellery performs on the floor and usually finds himself singing directly at people.

Crime Novels may be Samson's spoken word, electronic hardcore one man band, but he moonlights for That Ghost. Also in the multi-instrumental role for That Ghost, Ellery proves to be a man of many hats, and one we think we will be hearing more from in '09.

Crime Novels - "New Is New"

New Music Thursdays - Crime Novels