Without Warning, Texas Tech Pulls Plug On KTXT After 47 Years

Last week the NY Times ran an article about college radio maintaining its impact and relevance in the digital age. Someone should have told them to talk to anyone at KTXT, which was shut down by Student Media earlier this week.

We received this tip from former KTXT PD Nina Wilson, who then directed us to the Save KTXT Facebook page.

For over 47 years, KTXT 88.1 FM has been Tech's radio station. Now, without warning, it's being shut down by Student Media, overnight. No discussion. No negotiation. Just lights out, good night, farewell and see-ya. Sorry we didn't tell you the patient was terminal. Goodbye to the records, the memories, to years of pain and struggle; those are meaningless, the past is meaningless, KTXT is meaningless.

Imagine Tech trying to get rid of the Masked Rider, or Raider Red. Tech's administration likes to talk about "tradition." Well, what else would you call KTXT? Their disregard and contempt for a part of the school's heart cannot and should not be ignored.

We can't stand for this. We have to make our voices heard. We have to let people know that this isn't right. We can't let the station die.

Aside from written testimonials and outcry for the station to be saved, the site lists any and all relevant contact info if you wish to reach out and help KTXT's cause (hint: there's also a direct contact for CMJ if you're trying to get your aspiring unsigned band on next year's marathon). Either way, we strongly encourage you to go to the page and help support the cause so we can try to avoid seeing messages like this on any more college radio station websites:

Texas Tech University's Student Media department is undergoing several changes. The most significant of those changes occurred today when KTXT-FM, the university's student-run radio station, ceased its broadcasts on 88.1 FM and ktxt.net. Control of the radio station's FCC license, which is maintained by the university, is being shifted from the Student Media department to Texas Tech's other educational radio station, KOHM-FM.

Without Warning, Texas Tech Pulls Plug On KTXT After 47 Years