Ad Age Lists Top Ten Songs Used In Commercials

[Saul Williams]

Think your favorite artist is “selling out” when he sells his or her song for an ad spot on TV? Well, that’s Ad Age‘s bread and butter your messin’ with, so sit back, take the chip off your shoulder and watch what they consider the top 10 song-meets-product commercials of 2008. (Note: They also list their 10 most questionable song uses in the run-down as well).

1. Saul Williams: “List Of Demands”
Nike Sparq Training

2. Santogold: “Creator”
Bud Light Lime

3. Yael Naim: “New Soul”
Apple Macbook Air

4. Ennio Morricone (Bandini Remix): “L’estasi Dell’Oro (The Ecstasy Of Gold)”

5. Liars: “Clear Island”
Timex Ironman

6. The Kinks: “Everyone’s A Star”

7. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss: “Killing The Blues”
JC Penney’s American Life
Watch here

8. Ruby Suns: “Oh Mojave”

9. Vashti Bunyan: “Train Song”
Reebok Migration

10. Cloud Cult: “Lucky Today”

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  1. Frank Lima says:

    The Kinks song used ofr the Converse Commercial is actually called ” Everybody’s A Star ” sub titled ” Starmaker ” from their 1974 brilliant concept album Soap Opera…there are so many kinks songs both obscure and the well known ones that could be used for commercials thepossibilities are just endless…how about ” Hay Fever ” for over the counter alergy medications or ” Somebody Stole my Car ” for Lojack, just to name a few off the top of my head.
    Gos Save the Kinks!

  2. jenz says:

    i hate to admit it, but that yael naim song sold me on the macbook air – but what now? where is? is the same gonna happen with chairlift? it seems gorillaz and feist might have been the only bands to shake off the ipod shadow…

  3. Latest Books says:

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